commission for Sunroom Project Space. c/o artist. image c/o Wave Hill. photo: Stefan Hagen.

In Bloom
Wave Hill (Sun Porch), Bronx, NY
9.10.22 - 10.23.22 / solo

“[In Bloom] explores the open-ended possibilities of making meaning when one's own history and identity is in flux and undetermined. To further explore the potential of this unknown, Deep Pool disrupts entrenched perceptions...through photographs... and architectural interventions... Deep Pool stages these clichés in unexpected ways to reframe the ways they can be interpreted. The resulting ambiguity upends a reliance on fixed assumptions and instead distills a vernacular signified by fluidity, self-determination and shifting conceptions of place.”
-Jesse Bandler Firestone

comission for R.A.W. image c/o John Groo.

Dreaming in Black & White
Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
6.16.22 - 8.28.22 / solo

“In Dreaming in Black and White, Deep Pool interrogates the expectations we bring to the experience of identity and the construction of personhood, braiding paradoxical strategies of irony and pleasure, of deconstructivist critique and romantic transcendence, into dissonant portraits of awkwardness, eroticism, melancholy, comedy, and contemplation. Deep Pool’s work recognizes the power of categorization to excite and compel us, to tempt us with the promise of knowing, while it simultaneously makes evident the ways in which life and world will innately exceed and relentlessly disrupt the grasp of social categorical controls... and ultimately through... a way to account for the impossibility of capturing the whole of ourselves.”
-Morgan Võ

image c/o Greyory Blake.

Office Space 2, New Brunswick, NJ
11.1.19 - 12.5.19 / solo

Sungazing presents a suite of [works] by Deep Pool together with a live sound performance by Ulla Straus and Pontiac Streator. Gazing into the sun evokes simultaneous feelings of warmth and longing, danger and mysticism... The works in Sungazing reverberate with the strangeness and simplicity of this practice, hinging on a shared desire for transformation and connection within self and community...”
-Greyory Blake

Cherry Gallery, Richmond, VA
9.6.19 - 10.5.19 / with Marissa Alper


BFA Thesis
3015 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond, VA
2019 / group

GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
3.08.18 / group

hand silk-screen    each piece unique   DM purchase/inquiry

front logo + sleeve + collar tag / printed in classic red

XXS, XS, S (Baby Blue / Powder Pink)
M - 2XL


BABY - RABBIT CREWfront patch + back tag patch / fuzzy navy crew

front patch + back tag patch / striped cord


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size S/M
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‘G.A.P.’ T XL / $60
Majestic® MLB Angels T sold out
Vintage ‘Spirit’ T
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‘Monster Energy’ Raglan T sold out

Y2K Dragonfly® Blue Flame sold out
Hollister® Lightning Hoodie sold out
‘Praying’ Champion® Hoodie sold out
“Angels” Bucket Hat rhinestone / $55

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‘Reaper’ T sold out
‘Kosciusko School’ Crew
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Starter® PRO80™ Yellow Crew sold out

Fuchsia Poem T sold out
Vintage TREBEK® T sold out
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Pool Party 
CAPSULE COLLECTION ‘22 ‘T / Crew / Hoodie [ed. ~ 60]
Greenpoint, BK

Baby-Rabbit Crew
‘Fire’ Hoodie
Gradient T

  Baby-Rabbit T (mineral-wash)

COLLECTIONS ‘Emo’    T /     Hoodie /    Crew

‘LUV3R’ Crew

‘Chasing Sunsets’ Crew
‘Baby-Rabbit’ baby-T
‘Wild Rabbits’ Hoodie
‘LiquidBliss’ Crew

Holographic Sticker

RABBIT - T (embroidered sleeve) [ed ~ 75]


(multi/air brush)

COLLECTIONS ‘212 Love’ T     &    ‘LOVE’ Hoodie


‘Chasing Sunsets’     T & Hoodie

Holographic     &    ‘DP Flower’ Sticker

‘Eternal Love’ Long-sleeve

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Hand-painted T / Hoodie / Tote 

‘MWL x BZZZ’ Hoodie

Hand-dyed Tote

 Hand-drawn Dickies®    &    Linen Button-down

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